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Our mission at Involved is to increase civic engagement by reaching the average citizen.

Involved is a micro-polling software for government representatives, candidates, and advocacy organizations. Single question surveys integrate with mailing list, social media, and our app, increasing engagement 300% over traditional survey methods at a fraction of the time and cost.

Constituents respond in one click, leave private comments, and share with friends and neighbors.



Boston’s Startup to Watch!
— Boston Mayor Marty Walsh
VERY impressed. I was especially excited when I (as the constituent) got a follow-up email informing me that I’ve been automatically connected to (Boston City Council President) Andrea Campbell and Melville Park Association, based on the address I provided.
— Boston City Council Consultant Rachele Gardner
This new service created by recent Boston University grads is great! I had a great response from my first survey on sidewalk snow plowing, will be sending out another one soon.
— Newton City Councillor Emily Norton

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Why We Made Involved

Our founders joined as a team of social entrepreneurs inspired to bridge the increasing capabilities of technology with our country's democratic process. We started working on Involved in 2016 at Boston University, and have been working closely with governments nationally since our launch in August, 2017.

Our mission is to empower voices with technology.

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