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Technology, Meet Democracy

Traditional communication, such as letters, phone calls, and town halls, lack in efficiency, convenience, and analytic capability, while social media and newsletters only engage a small base of followers. In a world where we can communicate with anyone at the push of a button, we rarely communicate with those elected and appointed to represent us.

Our mission at Involved is to increase civic engagement by finding a way to reach the average citizen. What we are is a micro-polling software for government, allowing representatives to send out single question surveys through their mailing list, social media, and our app. Residents can respond in one click, leave private comments and share with friends and neighbors.


Why Get Involved?

"Involved allows our administration to have direct engagement with our constituents so that communication can be one-on-one, negating the multiplier effect of constituent input. For example, a lot of our constituents support the 'Fight for $15', but we only hear from a few constituents that could represent thousands. 

Where Involved is different from other technologies is that it gathers real time data with verified constituents, which allows us to analyze opinion geographically with the heat map. Constituent data is matched upon sign up with data from the Secretary of the Commonwealth, so we feel confident about this system check."
Arthur Natella, former Staffer for Representative Elizabeth Malia

Our Team

Why We Made Involved

Our founders joined as a team of social entrepreneurs inspired to bridge the increasing capabilities of technology with our country's democratic process. We started working on Involved in 2016 at Boston University, and have been working closely with town and city governments nationally since our launch in August, 2017.

Our mission is to empower voices with technology.

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