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Our founders joined as a team of social entrepreneurs inspired to bridge the increasing capabilities of technology with our country's democratic process.

Our mission is to connect the voices of our communities with their respective government representatives, in order to better understand people's needs, desires, and stories.

Since launch, Involved has been tested by Massachusetts State Representatives and State Senators and adopted by 11 Massachusetts municipalities.

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Involved polls have shown a 376% increase in response rate from the Average External Survey RateInvolved is available to constituents via email or mobile app and in multiple languages. Involved polls integrate with existing MailChimp email lists and can be easily shared on Twitter and Facebook.


74% of constituents were interested in signing up for Involved in a canvas trial in Jamaica Plain, Boston. Constituents receive questions as push notifications and emails and reply at the push a button, so that civic engagement can be a part of everyday routine.


64% of Americans refrain from speaking their mind on political issues in public forums including social media. Privacy is key to encourage open, transparent communication. With Involved, constituents create accounts with a valid email address and home address. No other personal information is requested or obtained.


With the Representative Interface, administrators are able to analyze visual and statistical input and share updates with the community. The Involved software consolidates the information and assembles input into charts, comment feeds, geographic heat maps, and downloadable reports.

Testimonial for Involved

Arthur Natella, Representative Elizabeth Malia

"Involved allows our administration to have direct engagement with our constituents so that communication can be one-on-one, negating the multiplier effect of constituent input.

For example, a lot of our constituents support the 'Fight for $15', but we only hear from a few constituents that then represent thousands.

Where Involved is different from other technologies is in gathering real time data with verified constituents, which we can then analyze geographically with the heat map. Constituent data is paired upon sign up with data from the Secretary of the Commonwealth, so we feel confident with the system check."

Use Cases

Representative Elizabeth Malia

"Do you support raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour?"

Chelsea City Council

"Are you affected by airplanes flying over Chelsea?"

Representative Jim Cantwell

"Should the age for prosecuting criminal offenders in juvenile court be raised?"


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