Frequently Asked Questions


How is Involved different from Facebook or Twitter polls?

  1. Communication is not direct. Typically, followers only see 2-5% of posts and 20% of social media users that follow political figures find that the content posted is irrelevant to them.

  2. People stray from sharing private political views publically. In fact, 14% of Americans say they have been harassed online specifically because of their politics.

  3. Representatives cannot verify constituents with standard social media polls.


How is Involved different from external survey links?

  1. Involved polls are easier and more direct. The average external survey response rate is 10-15%. With Involved, our survey response rates average ~55%, 376% higher.

  2. When you sign up for Involved, you stay connected. No matter when the question is posted or who’s in office, you’ll know when to have your voice heard.

  3. Involved provides unique features for representatives, such as geographic analysis, result-sharing controls, and constituent verification.


Which levels of government use Involved?

Involved is available to all levels of government, from town managers to congressmen.


What is my address used for?

Your address determines the representatives you receive polls from. Your specific address will never be shown to anyone, only aggregated as part of a geographic heat map display.

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