Privacy and Security

Since our founding, the mission behind Involved has been to empower people with technological solutions that drive democracy forward.

When you use these services, you’ll share some information with us. So we want to be upfront about the information that is collected, how it is used, and with whom it is shared with.

We’ve written this document simple and straightforward so that there isn’t the noise of lengthy Policy documents. Of course, if you still have questions about anything in our Privacy Policy, just contact us.


Data We Are Collecting and Why

Email Address:

Verification: Upon sign up, you will be sent an email to verify your account. People creating false accounts is a concern, and verifying an email reduces this risk.

Account Username: Your email acts as your username - if you want to sign in on our mobile app, you would use your email to do so.

Receiving Polls: By signing up on our website or through a question online, questions from your representatives will be emailed directly to you. You can unsubscribe from receiving emails.

Prevent Spam: We only allow one response per email address; this helps prevent spam - one account can’t vote multiple times.

Physical Address:

Verification: Your physical address determines the district of your residence, which determines who your representatives are. If your physical address wasn’t shared, you could not be placed with your respective representatives. This information will only be shared with your representative asking the question (see below).

Geographic Heat Map: Your representative can view community feedback as a geographic heat map. This helps identify how opinion changes on an issue across different areas of the community, which can be helpful with issues like safety.


Gathering Opinion: Your representative has access to the feedback on questions that they ask. Community feedback is represented as charts, a comment feed, and a geographic heat map. The only personal identifiable information of respondents is email and address. The only parties with access to the information collected will be the representatives posting the question.

Potential Value: At scale, this data could be very valuable. Understanding how ‘the city of Boston’ feels about a specific issue can be helpful to a lot of parties. We are very concerned about the ethics of the situation and want to be as transparent as possible. We will never give away personal identifiable information, but may monetize this data in an anonymous and aggregate way to help grow our company’s capacity to facilitate these interactions. This is not currently our business model.


Future Considerations:

Additional Verification:

We foresee spam responses being an area for security concern. Going forward, we may need to add additional verification to ensure that people are who they say they are. This may include cross referencing voter registration file, using two-step verification, asking for your location, sending mail, or cross-checking your phone number’s area code. For a great example of cross-verification, visit the Nextdoor website.

Demographic Information:

For representatives, collecting demographic information would provide more statistically valid insight on the results of questions. Currently, we do not ask for demographic information.



Third Party Integration:

We will never monetize or sell your email address. The only party that has access to personal information is the representative asking the question. Involved integrates with third party constituent management tools, such as NationBuilder and MailChimp, so that representatives can integrate Involved seamlessly. Third party integrations are an area of security concern since we are no longer in control of that information.

Cross Referencing Data:

Although we do not acquire your first name and last name, data can be cross referenced against other sources to provide additional insight. For example, an email address can be matched to voter registration or other sources.

Data Breach:

Security is our utmost priority and our team maintains a strong focus on preventing personal data leaks. If our system were to get hacked, your email, physical address and responses could potentially be vulnerable.